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Postdoctoral Research Associate (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ)

Project - Near-threshold Photoemission Electron Spectroscopy.

The goal of this project is to investigate the physics of photoemission close to the photoemission threshold and apply it to develop materials that can deliver brighter electron beams. While being located at Arizona State University in Tempe, the successful candidate is expected to work collaboratively with researchers at various CBB participating institutes including Cornell University, UCLA and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to develop novel diagnostics to measure extremely low energy (meV scale) angle resolved photoelectron distributions, use these diagnostics to study novel photoemission phenomena that occur very close to the photoemission threshold and finally utilize these effectively to design photo-emitters capable of delivering brighter electron beams. Phenomena relating to the breakdown of the sudden approximation, many-body effects (electron-phonon-photon/ two-photon emission) are of particular interest.

A Ph.D. or an equivalent degree in experimental physics, material science, or chemistry is required. The candidate should have a demonstrated track record of effectively communicating research through conference presentations and/or journal papers.