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Pre-award publications

Bernstein, A. & Rand, R. in Nonlinear Dynamics (ed. Kerschen, G.) 1, (Springer, 2016).

Bernstein, A. & Rand, R. Delay-coupled Mathieu Equations in Synchrotron Dynamics. Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics 5, 337–348 (2016).

Post-award publications

Liarte, D. B. & Sethna, J. P. Ginzburg-Landau theory of the superheating field anisotropy of layered superconductors. arXiv:1602.03752 [cond-mat] (2016).

Liarte, D. B. et al. Theoretical estimates of maximum fields in superconducting resonant radio frequency cavities: Stability theory, disorder, and laminates. arXiv:1608.00175 [cond-mat, physics:physics] (2016).

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M. Ashton, J. Paul, S. B. Sinnott, and R. G. Hennig. Topology-Scaling Identification of Layered Solids and Stable Exfoliated 2D Materials. Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 106101 (2017).

D.L. Hall, J.J. Kaufmann, M. Liepe, R.D. Porter, J. Sears. First Results from New Single-Cell Nb3Sn Cavities Coated at Cornell University (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

D.L. Hall, P. Cueva, D.B. Liarte, M. Liepe, J.T. Maniscalco, D.A. Muller, R.D. Porter, J.P. Sethna. Quench Studies in Single-Cell Nb3Sn Cavities Coated Using Vapour Diffusion (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

D.L. Hall, D.B. Liarte, M. Liepe, J.P. Sethna.Impact of Trapped Magnetic Flux and Thermal Gradients on the Performance of Nb3Sn Cavities (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

D.L. Hall, T. Arias, P. Cueva, M. Liepe, J.T. Maniscalco, D.A. Muller, R.D. Porter, N. Sitaraman. Surface Analysis of Features Seen on Nb3Sn Samples Coupons Grown by Vapour Diffusion (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

J.T. Maniscalco, D.L. Hall, M. Liepe, R.D. Porter, V.M. Arrieta, S.R. McNeal, W.E. Williams. Cornell Sample Host Cavity: Recent Results (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

R.D. Porter, F. Furuta, D.L. Hall, M. Liepe, J.T. Maniscalco. Effectiveness of Chemical Treatments for Reducing the Surface Roughness of Nb3Sn (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

R.D. Porter, M. Liepe, J.T. Maniscalco, V. Veshcherevich. Sample Host Cavity Desing for Measuring Flux Entry and Quench (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

J.T. Maniscalco, F. Furuta, D.L. Hall, P.N. Koufalis, M. Liepe. Analysis of Mean Free Path and Field Dependent Surface Resistance (IPAC 2017, Copenhagen).

Conference Proceedings:

J.R. Patterson, G.H. Hoffstaetter and Y.K. Kim, “The Center for Bright Beams”, Proceedings of NAPAC2016, Chicago, IL, USA, ISBN 978-3-95450-180-9, WEPOA62, .