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Beam Acceleration

Beam Acceleration:

The Beam Acceleration theme will enable superconducting accelerating cavities with x10 lower power losses for lower costs, simpler refrigeration and wider access to high-power beams. It also aims to double the available accelerating gradient for less expensive, more compact accelerators. To achieve these goals, it will harness the expertise of condensed matter physicists and physical chemists to understand RF superconductivity, and learn to control the surfaces of niobium and compound superconductor cavities.


Our Team:

Theme Leaders:

Senior Investigators:
Graduate Students:
  • Paul Cueva, Cornell University
  • James Maniscalco, Cornell University
  • Alison McMillan, University of Chicago
  • Thomas Oseroff, Cornell University
  • Alden Pack, Brigham Young University
  • Ryan Porter, Cornell University
  • Biswas Rijal, University of Florida
  • Jeffrey Sayler, University of Chicago
  • Alen Senanian, Cornell University
  • Nathan Sitaraman, Cornell University
  • Aron Tesfamichael, Clark Atlanta University
  • Darren Veit, University of Chicago
Post Docs:
  • Rachael Farber, University of Chicago
  • Jacob Graham, University of Chicago
  • Danilo Liarte, Cornell University
  • Zeming Sun, Cornell University


Project Titles (PI/Postdoc and/or Grad Students):

Beam Acceleration - 2019 Highlights