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Beam Production

Beam Production:

The Beam Production theme joins materials scientists, chemists, condensed matter physicists and accelerator scientists to invent photocathode materials capable of producing beams with low mean transverse momentum. These beams will improve X-ray sources, particle colliders and electron imaging.


  • Demonstrate mean transverse energy (MTE) of 10 meV and understand the tradeoffs required to reach this goal without sacrificing the beam brightness. For example, photocathodes with a very long response time can give lower MTE’s, but at the expense of reduced peak brightness.
  • Demonstrate 1 nm-rad emittance from a photoemission gun for bunches containing 105 electrons.
  • Demonstrate brightness increase by another factor of 5 or more using nanostructured cathodes, for a) single point emitters suitable for ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy, and b) arrays of point emitters for higher charge operation.

Our Team:

Theme Leaders:

Graduate Students:
  • Jai-Kwan Bae, Cornell University
  • Eric Cropp, UCLA
  • Will DeBenedetti, Cornell University
  • Gevork Gevorkyan, Arizona State University
  • Gerard Lawler, UCLA
  • Joshua Mann, UCLA
  • Christopher Parzyck, Cornell University
  • Joshua Paul, University of Florida
  • Chad Pennington, Cornell University
  • Christopher Pierce, Cornell University
Senior Investigators:
Post Docs:
  • Oksana Chubenko, Arizona State University
  • Alice Galdi, Cornell University
  • Jorge Navarro, UCLA
  • Haider Shaim, Arizona State University

  • Sandra Biedron, University of New Mexico
  • Daniele Filippetto, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Dwayne Miller, Toronto University

Project Titles (PI/Postdoc and/or Grad Students):

  • Ab initio theory of photoemission from alkali antimonides and ordered semiconductors (Arias / Nangoi)
  • Demo of effective mass for reduction of photocathode intrinsic emittance (Bazarov / Pierce)
  • Laser heating in low emittance photocathodes (Bazarov / Bae)
  • Computational Screening of Materials for Low-Emittance Photocathodes (Hennig / Paul)
  • Optimizing the chemical and morphological heterogeneity of photocathodes ( Hines / DeBenedetti)
  • Measuring the effect of surface non-uniformities on brightness (Karkare / Gevorkyan)
  • Growth parameters & performance of alkali antimonide photocathodes (Wang / Ikponmwen and Galdi)
  • Optical measurements and growth of alkali-antimonides (Padmore / Shaim)
  • Measurements of electron energy distributions ( Karkare / Chubenko)
  • Electron heating and two photon photoemission in cold alkali antimonides (Maxson / Pennington)
  • Roles of surface order, band structure, and temperature in photoemission (Maxson / Galdi)
  • Advanced photocathodes in 100 MV/m extraction field gun (Musumeci / Cropp)
  • Extreme High Brightness Electron Source from Nano-Blade photocathodes (Rosenzweig / Lawler)
  • Quantum Materials for High Emittance Photocathode Materials (Shen / Parzyck)