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Beam Transport and Storage

Beam Transport and Storage:

The Beam Storage and Transport theme will direct its efforts toward the mastery of non-linear effects that reduce brightness and destabilize stored beams for better, less expensive control of beams in electron microscopes and storage rings. To reach this goal, it will use the tools of nonlinear dynamics to analyze dynamic aperture and test the strategies they suggest for limiting emittance growth.


Our Team:

Theme Leaders:

Senior Investigators:
Graduate Students:
  • Eric Cropp, UCLA
  • Paul Cueva, Cornell University
  • Cameron Duncan, Cornell University
  • Matt Gordon, University of Chicago
  • Lipi Gupta, University of Chicago
  • Nikita Kuklev, University of Chicago
  • William Li, Cornell University
  • Christopher Pierce, Cornell University
Post Docs:
  • Matt Andorf, Cornell University
  • Stas Baturin, University of Chicago


Project Titles (PI/Postdoc and/or Grad Students):