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Beam Transport and Storage

Beam Transport and Storage:

The Beam Storage and Transport theme will direct its efforts toward the mastery of non-linear effects that reduce brightness and destabilize stored beams for better, less expensive control of beams in electron microscopes and storage rings. To reach this goal, it will use the tools of nonlinear dynamics to analyze dynamic aperture and test the strategies they suggest for limiting emittance growth.


  • Identify and quantify 6D emittance dilution mechanisms from x100 brighter sources to the application point along with methods to mitigate them (Year 3). This includes detailed beam physics simulations of successful preservation of the transverse emittance from very low-MTE photocathodes (Year 4) and corresponding beam measurements aimed at demonstrating improved brightness from photoemission guns.
  • Implement accelerator models for an electron microscope to characterize and obtain machine-learning-based optimization and tuning of multipole-based aberration-corrected optics with input from phase-space-based detectors (Year 3) and suggest a workable solution.
  • Measure resonance driving terms to extract nonlinear guiding fields in storage rings (Year 3) and optimize them to obtain small-emittance large dynamic aperture lattice.
  • Use strong nonlinear transverse focusing in storage rings to suppress fast coherent beam instabilities through increasing damping rate by orders of magnitude via betatron tune spread and demonstrate this approach experimentally.

Our Team:

Theme Leaders:

Senior Investigators:
Graduate Students:
  • Eric Cropp, UCLA
  • Paul Cueva, Cornell University
  • Cameron Duncan, Cornell University
  • Matt Gordon, University of Chicago
  • Lipi Gupta, University of Chicago
  • Nikita Kuklev, University of Chicago
  • William Li, Cornell University
  • Christopher Pierce, Cornell University
Post Docs:
  • Stas Baturin, University of Chicago


Project Titles (PI/Postdoc and/or Grad Students):

  • Measurement of single nanometer emittances for single shot UED conditions (Maxson / Li)
  • On-line optimization of microscope emittance (Muller / Cueva)
  • Preservation of Ultralow 4D phase space volume during Flat Beam Transformation (Musumeci / Cropp)
  • Novel diagnostics tool for characterizing beam emittance dilution mechanisms (Bazarov / Pierce)
  • Experimental Investigation of Henon-Heiles Type Dynamical System at IOTA (Kim / Kuklev)
  • Analysis of the tradeoff between dynamic aperture and minimum natural emittance in a double bend achromat lattice.(Kim / Baturin)
  • Exploration of RDT Optimization Methods for Storage Rings (Kim / Gupta)
  • Contribution of Stochastic Processes to Emittance Diluting Effects (Kim / Gordon)
  • Online modeling and optimization of a transmission electron microscope (Maxson / Duncan)