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STEP UP! Science & Technology Educator Program & University Partnership!

The STEP UP! Program will work with middle school (MS) teachers to develop kits for middle school classes, train teachers to apply them, hold workshops to train teachers on a national level and distribute the kits through the Xraise Lending Library. It will establish a network of middle school teachers who can share best practices and work collectively. STEP UP! Will capitalize on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that address scientific content, concepts and engineering processes of the Center for Bright Beams (CBB).

STEP UP! Will involve Center graduate students and teacher teams to develop innovative Design Challenges that support the integration of science and engineering practices in middle school science and technology classrooms. Through involvement in this program, Center graduate students will get to work with teachers and Center outreach staff to develop STEP UP! Design Challenges Modules. These activities will provide opportunities for Center graduate students to develop communication, teaching and mentoring skills.

Center graduate student commitment:

For more information, please contact STEP UP! coordinator Eva Luna