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The STEP UP! program offers resources for middle school science and technology teachers as well as summer professional development opportunities. The Lending Library of Design Experiences offers activity sheets, demonstration materials and design materials for different science and engineering themes, addressing the Next Generation Science Standards. These Design Experiences can be checked out free of charge from our lending library.

STEP UP! is the k-12 educational component of the Center for Bright Beams - National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Technology Center. Two Design Experiences are being developed each year by teachers and graduate students just like you. If interested in being part of this program, contact us or check out the links below for more information.


JamesM_Speaker.JPG Graduate student and teacher testing the strength of an electromagnet.
Eva_Solar2.JPG Middle school students measuring current output from a photovoltaic cell.
Synchro_STEPUP_small.jpg Stimulating students' interest and attitudes in science.