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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

CBB professional activities

Conference organization 

  • ERL 2022 66th International ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop Hoffstaetter (chair), Liepe, Maxson
  • IPAC 2021 SAB Biedron, Musumeci, Patterson, Piot
  • IPAC 2022 SPC Biedron, Bazarov, Musumeci, Patterson, Piot
  • NAPAC 2022  Biedron (SPC Chair), Bazarov, Hoffstaetter, Kim, Liepe, Maxson, Piot, Rosenzweig
  • Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors 2021 Karkare, Maxson
  • Americas Linear Collider Committee Liepe, Patterson

Review Panels

  • DOE OHEP Committee of Visitors Patterson (Chair), Rosenzweig
  • DOE proposal panels Biedron (NP), Rosenzweig (GARD, Early Career)
  • Accelerator system reviews Biedron, Musumeci
  • DOE Accelerator Stewardship Musumeci
  • US Particle Accelerator School Rosenzweig
  • NSF Chemistry panel Sibener

Advisory Committees

  • BNL Accelerator Test Facility Biedron (Chair)
  • US Particle Accelerator School Hoffstaetter, Liepe
  • DOE Basic Energy Sci. Adv. Comm. (BESAC) Musumeci
  • Journal of Chem. Phys. Sibener, Jour. of Phys. Chem. Sibener
  • ZEUS EAB Patterson

Community organization and planning

  • APS DPF YK Kim (Chair)
  • APS DPB Educ, Outreach & Diversity Comm. Musumeci (Chair)
  • Snowmass YK Kim (Chair), Musumeci (convenor)
  • ICFA Advanced & Novel Accelerators Panel (ICFA/ANA) Piot (Chair)
  • NSF workshop on the frontiers of electron microscopy Muller
  • ILC Int’l Development Team, Accelerator working group Liepe


  • TESLA Technology Collaboration Tech. Board Liepe
  • U.S. Nb3Sn Collaboration Liepe (host)