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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

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Job Opportunities within CBB

Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Arizona State University - Development of ultra-bright nano-structured photoemission electron sources

Professor Siddharth Karkare is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research associate to work in the fields of nano-fabrication and photoemission-based electron sources for particle accelerators and electron microscopes. The position is funded by the NSF Science and Technology Center for Bright Beams (CBB). The successful candidate will be a part of this center and will be expected to work collaboratively with researchers at other CBB affiliated institutes (Cornell, UCLA, SLAC, LBNL etc).   Full ad and to apply.

Postdoctoral Associate with SRF Research Group:

This position will make core contributions to the SRF activities of CBB, which currently focus on advancing the growth of homogeneous and inhomogeneous thin-film superconductors, on improving the fundamental understanding of related complex material systems, and on advancing the understanding of superconducting response to strong RF fields.

Opportunities at non-CBB Laboratories

Berkeley Lab Physicist Postdoctoral Scholar:

What you will do: 

  • Operate the HiRES accelerator beamline.
  • Perform simulations of the accelerator to optimize beam parameters.
  • Perform electron beam measurements.
  • Collaborate on experiments using the HiRES electron beam.
  • Work on the laser system to shape the pulse in time, space and frequency. 
  • Perform RF and beam measurements to characterize the stability of the accelerator.
  • Collaborate with other scientists and engineers on novel hybrid hardware/software methods to enhance the system stability.

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) 

PSI-Fellow- III-3i

What you will do: 

The main task will be to conduct innovative research in the context of a proposed research project and to work in a collegial and cooperative manner with superiors, supervisors and other team members. As a person who is curious to find answers you will assume primary responsibility for the development of your research and career while keeping in mind that your work and openness to interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral opportunities will contribute to the strengthening of the research capacity of the PSI