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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Our Patents and Discoveries

Objective 2: CBB discoveries and designs are incorporated into a new generation of accelerators and commercialized as products.

Deliverable 2.1: The transfer of CBB methods for preparing a photocathode with MTE < 35 meV and QE >10-3 at laser fluences in excess of 50 mJ/cm2.

Deliverable 2.2: The transfer of CBB methods for a photocathode that can operate for > 1 week with MTE < 35 meV at 50 mJ/cm2 laser fluence and high field (> 100 MV/m) for high peak current applications such as compact XFELs. 

Deliverable 2.3: The transfer of CBB methods for a photocathode that can operate for > 1 week with MTE < 100 meV and QE > 1% under high average current (> 50 mA) conditions for hadron coolers and colliders. 

Deliverable 2.4: The transfer of CBB technology for a photoemission source with sub-100-nm spot size.

Deliverable 2.5: Methods for producing non-Nb, high-efficiency surfaces with cooling power< 1.5 kW/(active meter) or accelerating fields > 25 MV/m.

Deliverable 2.6: The transfer of CBB ML techniques for tuning the higher-order aberrations in electron microscopes, replacing the regular maintenance interventions by microscope company specialists that are required to keep the conventional alignment software operational.

Deliverable 2.7: Incorporation of other CBB discoveries into new generations of accelerators or commercialization as products.

CBB Patents

Nanoscale Photoemission Based Electron Source for EM

Provisional US Patent 63/383,387 (2022) ASU, LBNL, Cornell

A Monochromator Device and Methods of Use Thereof

Provisional patent PCT Filing - 9107-03-PC (Applied, 2020) Cornell

Float zone silicon wafer manufacturing system and process

Patent 10811245 (Granted, 2020) UCLA

Localization break down in a high-powered RF network

Publication number: 20200379028(Applied, 2020) UCLA

Continuous Alkali Gas Cathode

Invention Disclosure, Preliminary Patent  (Submitted, 2021) UCLA

Protecting Reactive Materials with Atomically Thin Film

63/185,407  (Applied, 2021) Cornell

Nanoblade Electrospray Propulsion

2022-151 (Applied, 2022) UCLA

Improved Multi-leaf Collimator

2023-062-1 (Applied, 2022) UCLA

Ordered, cubic β-ZrNb alloys for superconducting applications

63/383,387 (Applied 2022)  Cornell