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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Style Guide

All publication and posters must include one of the following:

  • "This work was supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under Award PHY-1549132, the Center for Bright Beams."
  • "The authors thank the Center for Bright Beams, NSF award PHY-1549132."

Poster Guidlines

  • Please use the poster templates provided below. Which include the appropriate acknowledgments to CBB and the NSF.
  • The poster size is 36" wide and 48" tall.
  • The top right hand corner of the solid colored header is the best placement for your institutions logo.
  • For readability, aim for font sizes that are 28 pt or larger for the body text.
  • Serif fonts work well for the body text and captions.
  • The title and section headings should be larger, up to 100 pt, and often use sans serif fonts.


The Following Banners and Logos should be used
to represent the Center for Bright Beams.

Right click an image and choose Save As.

the full size cbb banner

the cbb banner reduced in size

The Following Colors should be used to represent the Center for Bright Beams.


HEX - #B31B1B

R,G,B - 148, 19, 6

Atoll Blue

HEX - #09667C

R,G,B - 9, 102, 124

Flush Orange

HEX - #FF7F00

R,G,B - 255, 127, 0

Mercury Gray

HEX - #E6E6E6

R,G,B - 230, 230, 230



R,G,B - 204, 204, 204


HEX - #9D9683

R,G,B - 157, 150, 131