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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Industry Collaborations

The insights gained by CBB enable our partners to improve the performance and reduce the cost of accelerator technologies for industry.

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An important component of CBB ‘s mission is to transfer knowledge to industry partners through the incorporation of CBB discoveries and designs into a new generation of accelerators and commercialized products and by training the next generation of scientists and technicians to bring these skills to industry and national lab partners.

Industry Collaboration Table

CBB experts in diverse fields collaborate to achieve new scientific breakthroughs in understanding the fundamental issues that govern beam brightness. These insights will enable our knowledge transfer partners to improve the performance and reduce the cost of accelerator technologies and to develop new research instruments that transform the frontiers of biology, materials science, condensed matter physics, particle physics, and nuclear physics, as well as new manufacturing tools that enable chip makers to continue shrinking the features of integrated circuits.

  • Transform the reach of electron beams by advancing fundamental knowledge and applying it to increase beam brightness x100 and reduce the cost and size of key enabling technologies.
  • Ensure that these new approaches are realized in operating accelerators by transferring the best of them to national labs and industry.
  • Educate and inspire a diverse generation of students to prepare them for a broad set of career paths including leadership in interdisciplinary team science.

CBB's Legacy

  • Extend the capabilities of beams available to medicine and industry.
  • Advance growth in semiconductor fabrication, metrology, and new green technologies.

These advances are CBB’s outcome legacy and realizing them depends on effective Knowledge Transfer to national labs and industry.