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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Beam Acceleration Team and Projects

Our Team:

Theme Leaders: Graduate Students: Post Docs:
Matthias Liepe, Cornell Zhaslan Baraissov, Cornell
Steven Sibener, U Chicago Gabriel Gaitan, Cornell
Mark Transtrum, BYU Aiden Harbick, BYU
Ajinkya Hire, U Florida
Senior Investigators: Michelle Kelley, Cornell Affiliates:
Tomás Arias, Cornell Liana Shpani, Cornell Jeffrey Elam, Argonne Lab
Richard Hennig, U Florida Nathan Sitaraman, Cornell Don Hartill, Cornell
Matthias Liepe, Cornell Michael Van Duinen, U Chicago George Japaridze, Clark Atlanta
David Muller, Cornell Sarah Willson, U Chicago Robert Laxdal, TRIUMF
Steven Sibener, U Chicago Larry Wang, Clark Atlanta
Mark Transtrum, BYU

PI / Postdoc or Grad Student Project Titles:

  • Arias / Kelley   Ab initio studies of lattice and electron excitations relevant to SRF performance and inverse-Q behavior
  • Arias / Sitaraman   Ab initio exploration of beyond-Nb SRF materials for low cooling power and high field performance
  • Hennig / Hire   Thermodynamics and Superconducting Properties of Novel SRF Superconductors
  • Liepe / Shpani   High-performance Nb3Sn
  • Liepe /   Electroplating-based Growth and Characterization of Next-Gen SRF Films
  • Liepe / Gaitan  CVD-based Growth of Next-Gen SRF Surfaces
  • Muller / Baraissov   Electron Microscopy characterization of the microstructure of materials for SRF cavities
  • Sibener / Willson Investigating the Atomic and Micron-Scale Morphological Development of Nb3Sn Leading to Smooth Homogeneous Thin Films
  •  Sibener / Willson   Visualization of Nb3Sn and Zr Doped Nb Growth Mechanisms to Inform Optimal Growth Procedures for Next-Generation SRF Materials
  • Sibener / Van Duinen   Bonding, Diffusion, and Structure of Nb and Nb3Sn Surfaces with Nitrogen Doping, Oxidation, Defects, Impurities and Sn or Zr Alloying
  • Sibener / Van Duinen  The Influence of Atomic Scale Surface Structural Changes and Composition on the Superconductivity of Nb3Sn and Nb due to Alloying, Doping, Domain Morphology, and Defects
  • Transtrum / Harbick   Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Studies of Realistic Materials and Surfaces