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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Beam Production Team and Projects

Our Team:

Theme Leaders: Graduate Students: Post Docs:

Tomás Arias, Cornell

Vivek Anil, Cornell

Oksana Chubenko, ASU

Siddharth Karkare, ASU

David Garcia, UCLA

Echeverria, Elena, Cornell

Jared Maxson, Cornell

Jason Gibson, U Florida

Chris Knill, ASU

Senior Investigators: 

Gerard Lawler, UCLA

Daniele Filippetto, Berkeley Lab
Tomás Arias, Cornell William Li, Cornell Lena Kourkoutis, Cornell
Ivan Bazarov, Cornell Joshua Mann, UCLA Dwayne Miller, Toronto U
Richard Hennig, U Florida Kevin Nangoi, Cornell Andreas Schroeder, UIC
Melissa Hines, Cornell Chad Pennington, Cornell Larry Wang, Clark Atlanta
Siddharth Karkare, ASU Christopher Pierce, Cornell
Jared Maxson, Cornell Pallavi Saha, Arizona State
Pietro Musumeci, UCLA Annabel Selino
James Rosenzweig, UCLA  Amy Zhu, Cornell
Kyle Shen, Cornell

Project Titles (PI / Postdoc or Grad Student):

  • Ab initio theory of many-body photoemission and of photomaterials (Arias / Nangoi)
  • Advanced photocathodes testing in high gradient RF gun at the UCLA Pegasus Laboratory (Musumeci / Garcia)
  • Air-stable, high performance photocathodes (Hines / Selino, Zhu)
  • Atomically Ordered & Engineered Materials for Photocathodes (Shen / Anil)
  • Computational synthesis of photocathodes by epitaxial growth (Hennig / Gibson)
  • Cryogenic photocathode characterization in a low voltage electron gun (Bazarov / Pierce)
  • Extreme High Brightness Electron Source from Intense Laser Illumination of Nano-Blades (Rosenzweig / Lawler, Mann)
  • Growth and Characterization of the Epitaxial Alkali Antimonides: Exploring growth parameters, MET, QE, and robustness (Maxson / Echeverria)
  • High Gradient Testing and the Brightness of Epitaxial Alkali Antimonides (Maxson / Pennington)
  • Measurements of low energy electron distributions (Karkare / Knill)
  • MTE of easily oxidizable photocathodes both with and without protection coatings (Maxson / Li)
  • Nano-scale photoemitters (Karkare / Chubenko)
  • Optical, X-ray and surface characterization of Alkali-antimonides (Karkare / Saha)