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Creating a Vision for ABP Research Program

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Sergei Nagaitsev Department of Physics The University of Chicago

Accelerator Community Creates Vision for the National Accelerator and Beam Physics (ABP) Research Program

Leaders from the accelerator community including committee chair Sergei Nagaitsev (pictured) identify four Grand Challenges of accelerator and beam physics (ABP) field and documents research opportunities to address them. This report will be used to develop a strategic research roadmap for the field of accelerator science.

  • Grand Challenge #1: Beam Intensity – “How do we increase beam intensities by orders of magnitude?”
  • Grand Challenge #2: Beam Quality – “How do we increase the beam phase space density by an order of magnitude, towards quantum degeneracy limit?”
  • Grand Challenge #3: Beam Control – “How do we measure and control the beam distribution down to the individual particle level?”
  • Grand Challenge #4: Beam Prediction – “How do we develop predictive ‘virtual particle accelerators’?”