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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Beam Dynamics and Control Team and Projects

Our Team:

Theme Leaders: Graduate Students: Post Docs:
Young-Kee Kim, U Chicago Juan Pablo Gonzalez Aguilera, U Chicago Afnan Al Marzouk, NIU
David Muller, Cornell Aasma Aslam, UNM Fabio Bosco, UCLA
Philippe Piot, NIU Emily Frame, NIU Monika Yadav, UCLA
Sergei Kladov, U Chicago
Atharva Kulkarni, UCLA
Senior Investigators: Gerard Lawler, UCLA Affiliates:
Sandra Biedron, UNM Lucy Lin, Cornell Andreas Adelmann, Paul Scherrer
Georg Hoffstaetter, Cornell Desheng Ma, Cornell Matt Andorf, Cornell
Siddharth Karkare, ASU Peter Owusu, ASU Bruce Dunham, SLAC
Young-Kee Kim, U Chicago Auralee Edelen, SLAC
Jared Maxson, Cornell Paul Ginsparg, Cornell
David Muller, Cornell Adi Hanuka, SLAC
Pietro Musumeci, UCLA Vadim Kaloshin, U Maryland
Philippe Piot, NIU Robert Meller, Cornell
James Rosenzweig, UCLA Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab
Richard Rand, Cornell
David Sagan, Cornell
Alexander Valishev, Fermilab
Weishi Wan, Berkeley Lab

PI / Postdoc or Grad Student Project Titles:

  • Biedron / Aslam  Applications of Machine Learning in Photoinjectors
  • Hoffstaetter de Torquat / Lin  ML/AI preparation of polarized proton beams for electron cooling
  • Karkare / Owusu  Measurements of low energy electron distributions and cryogenic MTE
  • Kim / Kladov. Noise in Intense Electron Bunches
  • Kim / Aguilera  Auto-Differentiable Accelerator Modeling
  • Muller / Ma  Machine Learning for precise phase space control of electron microscopes
  • Musumeci / Kulkarni  Demonstration of 100 nm transverse emittance with 100 pC beam charge
  • Piot / Al Marzouk / Frame  Conserving 4-D brightness and enhancing 5-D brightness in integrated photoinjector beamlines
  • Rosenzweig / Bosco / Lawler  Optimization of ultra-compact free-electron laser performance with very low MTE photocathodes