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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Beam Dynamics and Control Team and Projects

Our Team:

Theme Leaders: Graduate Students: Post Docs:
Young-Kee Kim, U Chicago Juan Pablo Gonzalez Aguilera, U Chicago Nathan Majernik, UCLA
David Muller, Cornell Aasma Aslam, UNM Afnan Al Marzouk, NIU
Philippe Piot, NIU Eric Cropp, UCLA Chenyu Zhang, Cornell
Cameron Duncan, Cornell
Senior Investigators: Austin (AJ) Dick, NIU Affiliates:
Ivan Bazarov, Cornell Gevork Gevorkyan, ASU Andreas Adelmann, Paul Scherrer
Sandra Biedron, UNM Matt Gordon, U Chicago Matt Andorf, Cornell
Georg Hoffstaetter, Cornell Jack Isen, UCLA Bruce Dunham, SLAC
Siddharth Karkare, ASU Gerard Lawler, UCLA Auralee Edelen, SLAC
Young-Kee Kim, U Chicago Samuel Levenson, Cornell Paul Ginsparg, Cornell
Jared Maxson, Cornell William Li, Cornell Adi Hanuka, SLAC
David Muller, Cornell Lucy Lin, Cornell Vadim Kaloshin, U Maryland
Pietro Musumeci, UCLA Robert Meller, Cornell
Philippe Piot, NIU Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab
James Rosenzweig, UCLA Richard Rand, Cornell
David Sagan, Cornell
Alexander Valishev, Fermilab
Weishi Wan, Berkeley Lab

Project Titles (PI / Postdoc or Grad Student):

  • Advanced beam manipulations enabled by novel computational techniquesin beam physics (Musumeci / Cropp, Isen, Guo)
  • Application of Machine Learning in Compact Photoinjectors (Biedron / Aslam)
  • Auto-differentiable accelerator modeling for high-dimensional optimization (Kim / Aguilera)
  • Brightness limiting effects of point to point space charge (Kim / Gordon)
  • Demonstrating Emittance Preservation in Ultrafast Electron Micro-Diffraction (Maxson / Duncan)
  • Development of the ASU-DC cryogun (Karkare / Gevorkyan)
  • Exploring the Impact of Radiation Field on Brightness (Piot / Al Marzouk)
  • Feedback System and Isochronous Lattice Development towards an Optical Stochastic Cooling Stability Experiment (Bazarov / Levenson)
  • Microscope Tuning by ML and Emittance Optimization (Muller / Zhang)
  • Operating hadron coolers with Machine Learning (Hoffstaetter / Lin)
  • Optical Transport and Beam Manipulation for Optical Stochastic Cooling (Piot / Dick)
  • Optimization of ultra-compact free-electron laser performance with very low MTE photocathodes (Rosenzweig / Majernik, Lawler)
  • Strongly nonlinear space-charge in photoinjectors with collimating apertures (Maxson / Li)