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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center


Travel Authorization, Representing CBB While Traveling, and Travel Reimbursement

What you need to know:

The Center for Bright Beams funds $1,500 per student for conference travel to present CBB-related research. Reimbursement requests are submitted to your home institution. When traveling to present your CBB-funded research you are proudly representing The Center for Bright Beams, a Science and Technology Center funded by the NSF.

This travel is eligible for reimbursement if the below qualifications are met. To qualify for authorization, the traveler must:

  • Gain approval from your supervisor.
  • Present CBB research and acknowledge CBB support by following the standards set in the CBB Style Guide.
  • Agree to upload your presentation to our Conference Presentations archive, so that we can capture them in our annual report to the NSF. If available, provide a link to the conference proceedings.
  • Travelers from Cornell must also complete a Trip Record found here.
  • Room-sharing is expected of all graduate students
  • The lowest cost transportation options should be used, which may require arriving and departing larger regional airports such as SYR for Cornell travelers.

Per diem policy:

  • You must deduct the per diem for any meals provided during your stay, including breakfast provided by hotels and venues.
  • We ask that reasonable reimbursements be requested, which can easily be 50% of the government per diem limit. By only requesting reimbursement for your actual expenses we can fund more trips.

Reimbursement Procedures: There are different reimbursement procedures depending upon department and/or whether one is external to Cornell.

CLASSE CBB Travelers:

Cornell (non-CLASSE) CBB Travelers:

Non-Cornell Travelers:

  • Travelers will complete the Travel Reimbursement procedures in place at your home university.

Reimbursement for Annual Meeting or NSF site visit travel will be reimbursed through General CBB funds and non-Cornell travelers will download and complete the Travel Reimbursement Form  and submit to Joan Curtiss (