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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

REU Class of 2019

The Research Expirience for Undergrads (REU) class of 2019 with the Cornell clocktower and hills in the background.
REU Class of 2019

Brandon, sitting at a desk with multple computer monitors in front of him.

Brandon Hunt '19

Allegheny College

"By advancing my research, scientists will be able to develop a better understanding of the fundamental particle. This will allow for better technology to be developed, improving the lives of the general public."

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Jamal, working on a pice of equipmetn in the vacuume lab.

Jamal Khayat '19

University of Central Florida

"The part of this research that I found most challenging has been the same part that I enjoyed most: working on the boundaries of human scientific knowledge. In situations like these, there is no guidance on what to do or where to look next. It seems that a scientific intuition that one develops over time is what gives you guidance. And this is what I got to witness first hand by working alongside experienced researchers."

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Grace, performing a test on a vacuum chamber with a Mott Polarimeter, used to measure polarization of GaAs photocathodes.

Grace Mattingly '19

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

"I believe that I am leaving here with a pretty complete grasp on experimental photocathode research and a better understanding of accelerator physics in general. Now the question of type of research I want to pursue myself can be answered with slightly more completeness."

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Matt, working on pcu boards in a computer.

Matt Tao '19

Purdue University

"I enjoyed interacting with my research group and being a member of the SRF team. The graduate and undergraduate students were insightful and always have interesting topics to talk about. The SRF BBQ's on Fridays in particular were among the highlights of my summer. While chowing down on hot dogs and hamburgers, conversation subjects ranged from Mellotrons to sea salt from France!"

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