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REU Class of 2021

REU Class of 2021

A portrait of Yael Lopez-Saucedo

Jael Lopez-Saucedo '21

Stanford University

"As I am reaching the end of this amazing experience, I have understood the benefit of different perspectives in a research team to fulfill goals. I was also reminded that researchers need self-motivation and self-learning methods to persist. Finally, I truly understood the importance of computational physics when analyzing complex phenomena. This program showed me that engaging in physics research is truly incredible. You use all your academic and personal tools to understand the world around you: your computational and communication skills, scientific abilities, and your identity. "

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a portrait of Zeinab Ismail

Zeinab Ismail '21

Saint John's University

"This experience has only reinvigorated my desire to earn a PhD in physics and become a researcher. Although in what I’m not sure yet. It also taught me that being a researcher is by no means easy. I always thought it was easier to study and work on an assignment when given ultimate freedom on how to work with it. However, after being given an assignment and having to navigate by myself to get the answer I realized it is not easy whatsoever. This realization means a lot to me."

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Portrait of Eva Guevara

Eva Guevara '21

University of Texas

"I have most enjoyed being a part of a larger research community and having such clarity about what the larger picture of my research is and where my project fits in. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my smaller research group and participating in the larger CBB meetings."

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