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REU Class of 2020

REU Class of 2020
REU Class of 2020

Jeanne Garriz

Jeanne Garriz '20

Louisiana State University

"This experience has taught me a lot about accelerator physics research and about the complexities of research in general. My area of research was just one tiny part of accelerator research, and most areas of research are very specialized like that. It’s taught me that even the most seemingly simple tasks can be extremely complicated."

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Jack Isen

Jack Isen '20


"Even though my project was largely independent, I made use of the guidance and assistance of many others. I think that this experience has shown me that all of research is collaborative to some extent and has emphasized the importance of being able to present research clearly."

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Menaka Kumar

Menaka Kumar '20

North Carolina State University

"Over the summer, I worked with Dr. Alice Galdi and Chris Pierce to investigate the effect of space charge on solenoid scan measurements in the Cornell MTE meter through particle tracking simulations in General Particle Tracer (GPT) and Python. I was able to quantify the effect of space charge on MTE measurements at various pulse lengths and voltages."

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Emilie LaVoie-Ingram

Emilie LaVoie-Ingram '20

Jacksonville University

"Although I am disappointed I couldn’t be in Ithaca this summer, I have enjoyed making virtual friends. We all get together and talk for hours about our hobbies, engaging topics, anything! It is a nice, refreshing break after long days of research."

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Pedro Rivera-Cardona

Pedro Rivera-Cardona '20

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

"The thing I enjoyed most about this experience was being able to interact with interns from different states, and communicating with experienced faculty about my future career goals."

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