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The Center for Bright Beams, A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

For Students




Bright x-ray and electron beams power today’s scientific research industry. With more than 20 faculty across multiple institutions and disciplines, CBB provides a stimulating academic environment that fosters collaboration. One in three Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry are awarded to research that utilizes intense X-ray or particle beams. JOIN CBB TO MAKE BETTER BEAMS.

Grace Mattingly performing a test on a vacuum chamber with a Mott Polarimeter, used to measure polarization of GaAs photocathodes.

Contribute to cutting edge research at world leading institutions.

Experience interdisciplinary research, working side-by-side with material scientists, chemists, condensed matter physicists and accelerator scientists.

Learn alongside individuals from a wide range of nationalities, cultures and educational backgrounds. CBB continuously works toward the inclusion of under represented minorities women, and first-generation students.

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Undergraduates Participate in CBB Research from Across the U.S.


@ Cornell University

At Cornell you'll be in close proximity to NYC and Niagara falls as well as Ithaca's unique landscape of waterfalls and gorges.
Cornell Application


The BYU program organizes weekly activities to many of Utah's outdoor attractions, such as Arches National Park and hiking the mountainous terrain.
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@ UChicago

In the heart of Chicago students can take advantage of all the activities, arts, ethnic & cultural diversity, food, music, and sports that can be found in a large city.
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The NIU campus in DeKalb is an eclectic mix of architecture and beautiful natural spaces located 90 mins west of Chicago and within 1-hour from Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory.
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